About Caroline

Embroiderer, artist, teacher, musician and facilitator, intelligent, creative, fascinated by other people. I teach embroidery at the Royal School of Needlework and freelance, work to commission on occasion, and play violin in a ukulele band. I also teach people how to listen, and I find all these activities blend well together. They share the common thread of listening, whether it be to thoughts, sound or materials, and a wish to make a little corner of the world more beautiful and fulfilling.


2 thoughts on “About Caroline

  1. Hi Caroline You probably don’t remember me but we worked together in Guildford Librarymany eons ago! You said when you left you might start dress making/sewing classes. Did you? I went on to be Manager at Horlsey – my goodness that was years ago. I still see and keepin touch with Susanne (she is a neighbour in Horlsey) Not everyone favourite but I got on OK with her. Had a look at your work – fabulous. The Great British Sewing Bee always inspires me to get the sewing machine out especially as I now have two little granddaughters. Cheers Jenny Rankin

    1. Hi Jenny, yes I do remember you, good to hear from you. I do teach embroidery, and art now, as you will see on my website. I’m missing the library service at the moment – my ready supply of book browsing! Pleased to say online teaching is working out well. Enjoy sewing for your granddaughters, as well as your self.

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