Well I’m still thinking about this page. You see I don’t want to go down that route of writing a long involved and cerebral piece about my artwork. It feels counter to the whole spirit of ‘doing’, being present with my experience and the materials. I can be cerebral enough, but I don’t want to be analytical here, so I’m in the process of choosing some really nice images, and perhaps something to show my working processes. Maybe I will put the usual Artist’s CV on with a list of dates and galleries, down near the bottom somewhere.

Meanwhile Instagram will be showing the latest images of my day-to-day doings.


Guidelines for commissioning something:

  • Please allow plenty of time for me to investigate your project, ask clarifying questions, think about it, make drawings, make designs, agree those with you, make, finish, and post the final piece.
  • Even a small piece requires all these processes.
  • You are very welcome to have a chat with me about your requirements, for no charge.
  • Cost: the smallest item, say a monogram with a small simple image, will start at £100.
  • Commission me if you like the styles of my work, want something unique, and would be happy to give me some freedom in the way your piece evolves.