Drawing Summer SChool

Drawing SUmmer School 2022, August 19th – 21st

VENUE: Puck’s Oak Barn, Compton, Surrey.

This weekend is about getting together and drawing in a group, in a small, informal and supportive environment.

Guided by an experienced teacher, Caroline Homfray, you ‘ll have an opportunity to get playful with media and materials, experiment, and choose your direction over the weekend.

Whether you want to draw figuratively, or use the subjects provided as a starting point for mark making, abstracting, pattern making or just having fun, the emphasis will be on noticing what brings you the most enjoyment and following that for the weekend.

Theme 1: the comfort of things.

Still-life has a resurgence in various forms over the pandemic, focussed as we have been on home and the domestic environment. It’s a genre with a long tradition. What do our objects say about us? – what meaning do they carry, and what stories could they tell? We can work together from a co-created collection of diverse objects.

We will be drawing from an inspiring display of objects created by your tutor, Caroline. During the weekend you will be invited to help curate the display and to add objects of your own if you wish. You can explore colour and contrasts, texture, shape, shine, and odd assemblages!

Theme 2: Drawing from Nature.

The venue is a small timber framed weather boarded building set in a community orchard in the village of Compton, Surrey. Vines trail around the structure, and there are many different and unusual varieties of apple trees planted in the orchard.

It’s managed to promote wildlife, with long grasses and wildflowers around the trees and lots of butterflies, bees, moths and other insects thriving there. Across a small stream are some larger trees, cut off stumps and fallen branches amongst them, with interesting bark patterns, leaves, and different growth habits. Choose to spend the weekend exploring this theme: it could include observation studies, prints from leaves, collaging with found materials, pattern making, or a longer painting from your initial explorations.

The Details

Who is it for? One step up from beginner. You’ll know a little bit about some drawing basics, perhaps have done a little yourself or taken a few classes. You could take an online beginner class with me beforehand! This weekend is about inspiration, and practising and developing your skills with some help – I will do my best to meet you where you are, and encourage your journey. Get in touch if you want to check whether this would be suitable for you.

Equipment and materials: Drawing boards, some easels, and some art materials will be provided. Do bring your own preferred art materials if you have some.

Accomodation: is not included. Please book your own accommodation – a list can be provided, from the local Premier Inn to more boutique accomodation, and even glamping or camping.

Friday evening: venue to be confirmed. Meet for welcome and drinks.

Saturday 20th August: 10 – 16:00, Puck’s Oak Barn. Lunch 13:00 – 14:00. Introduction and drinks, warm-up drawing exercises. Looking at the themes. Using easels for those who want to try. Starting to look and investigate.

Sunday 21st August: 10:-16:00, Puck’s Oak Barn. Lunch 13:00 – 14:00. Re-creating the display as a group! Thinking about how objects go together, contrasts, texture, colour and meaning. Group share of work at the end.

Cost: £212.

This covers the venue hire, two days tuition, easels and some materials; refreshments and lunches both days are also included. Book your own accomodation – a list can be provided, from the local Premier Inn to more boutique accomodation. A concessionary rate is available if you are on a low income; please ask.

To book: please use the form below. I will ask for a few more details and send you an invoice with payment details.

DRAWING: Other classes with Caroline

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