Creative Coaching

Problem-solving for your creative projects

Do you have lots of ideas and are struggling to realise them? or don’t know how to expand your use of colour, or how to make your pieces more varied? Enjoy your drawing or creative practise but struggle to find a sense of direction? or you haven’t found how to structure your creative sessions so they are enjoyable and satisfying? Or even you want to put time aside for creativity but can’t quite seem to manage it? Caroline is an experienced artist, teacher of art for adults and a qualified Time-to-Think® Coach. This is a gentle and non-directive approach based in high quality listening. She can help you think it through and find a way forward. A preliminary half an hour chat is free; thereafter it’s £45 for an hour’s lesson or session. Please contact Caroline using the form:

One coaching session

One-to-one help with your creatve project. Contact me to discuss for free what you need and whether this might work for you before booking.